120/208 3 60 124/155 430 114/143 396 127/220 3 60 125/156 410 114/143 374 ... Exhaust Stainless Steel Governor: type, make/model JDEC Electronic L16 Denso HP3 Frequency regulation, no-load to full-load Isochronous ... NOTE: This drawing is provided for …

BUNN - Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. Commercial. BUNNserve® U.S., CANADA & MEXICO. Professionally managed uptime of multi-vendor and multi-beverage platforms. Home Products U.S. & CANADA. Gourmet Foods U.S. Only. Explore quality products made by the artisans at BUNN Gourmet® and sourced from other fine craftsmen.

Easy-Install -ThreadedAnchors for Concrete. Install like a stud anchor— just thread the anchor, a nut, and a washer onto the end of a threaded rod, drive into a hole, and turn the nut to expand the base. Also known as rod anchors, they're often used with threaded rod to hang pipe and wiring.

2 Nelson Stud Welding - USA Nelson® Stud Welding, founded in the USA, 75 years ago, is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment serving a broad range of markets on a

Select the product from the list below to download a 2D Drawing. Select Product…. Ball Screw Jacks Bevel Ball Actuators Bevel Gear Jacks Couplings LS8/LS9 Limit Switches Machine Screw ComDRIVEs Machine Screw Jacks Metric Screw Jacks Miter Gear Boxes Solar Actuators Stainless Steel Screw Jacks. Download .DWG Download .DXF.

2 Cover image: Model 625, 10" by 1" fenestrations Image above: Model 610, alternating slats with perforation General features and benefits ROLLING SERVICE DOOR SYSTEMS STEEL & ALUMINUM DOORS A comprehensive line of Rolling Service Doors • Galvanized steel, stainless steel …

Kenmore 14573 24" Dishwasher with Third Rack and PowerWave Spray Arm - Stainless Steel Item # 02214573000P Model # 14573. Buy on Sears.com buy on Find a store

a. There are a maximum of three source holders used with the model S-3 source housing. This includes up to three path assemblies, up to three wheels on the 1 inch diameter shaft, and up to three Source Sleds and stainless steel cables. If at least one of the Frontier Technology Model 100 series

To view a list of parts for your appliance, enter its Model Number (E-Nr) below. If you already know your Model Number, just enter the first few characters. If you don't know it, please find it on the Rating Plate, then simply click on the camera icon to take a photo or upload a photo of the Rating Plate – this will automatically add the ...

Jul 19, 2020· There is a lot of talk in Australia and New Zealand about Duplex steel boilers (i.e. boilers constructed using a boiler grade stainless steel instead of carbon steel or copper). The big advantage of the use of this material is the wall thicknesses can be about 1/2 as thick.

of the pump exposed to water shall be of stainless steel, brass, heavy cast iron, or equivalent corrosion-proof material. Unless otherwise specified herein, all applicable provisions of ANSI/AWWA E-101, Part A, latest edition, for Vertical Turbine Pumps, are hereby made a part of these Specifications.

155 140 149 163 101 105 86 83 51 100 160 102 103104 54 62 148 156 80 52 21 36 145 144 147. ... 125# Stainless steel 427328-071 125# All bronze 427328-041 item 100 casing** (continued) ... there was a revision to the the casing and impeller done in August 2015. These two parts are not interchangeable between the old and new pumps. Please consult ...

Also known as Schedule 40, this pipe has a thicker wall than our thin-wall stainless steel unthreaded pipe. Weld it to fittings and additional lengths of pipe. Welded connections are stronger than threaded connections and less likely to leak.. 304 stainless steel pipe has very good corrosion resistance. 316 stainless stee l pipe has excellent corrosion resistance.

Space Heating. HTP's space heating boilers provide ultimate comfort and the best overall efficiency ratings while keeping maintenance and operating costs to a minimum. With a HTP high efficiency boiler you can achieve the heat your family or business needs while also saving money and energy.

the stainless steel full-length handles and louvered grille (shown). The framed application is an overlay model with framed design features. Panel, grille, and handle options are available. Panels: Custom panels, stainless steel, or white enamel. Grille: Classic louvered grille insert or solid custom panel

Jun 23, 2021· September 15, 2020 • CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, Features • TAGS: Lighter. 1. There are two vintage matchbooks in this auction, one from Peru and one possibly from Peru that has a jeep on it. The jeep matchbook is cool, but the asking price is $89.99 (at least they include with matches).

Tooth forms in models and drawings are for representation only and should not be used for manufacturing purposes. Rush Gears can supply accurate tooth profiles, models & manufacturing advice upon request for a nominal fee. Please contact our engineering department at 800-523-2576 or email us to discuss this service.

Cast iron and stainless steel housings are standard providing maximum structural stability with optional cast materials available including; inconel, hastelloy or cast steel Pollution Control Weighing Mixing Feeding SQUARE CFR 6X6 0.07 8X8 0.18 10X10 0.36 12X12 0.64 12X21 1.08 14X14 1.12 16X16 1.62 18X18 2.29 22X22 4.34 ROUND CFR

Model PERFORMANCE CENTER® Model SW1911. Caliber 45 AUTO. Capacity 8+1 ... Grip G10 Custom Wood. Barrel Material Stainless Steel. Slide Material Stainless Steel. Frame Material Scandium Alloy. Slide Finish Matte Stainless. Frame Finish Two-Tone. Barrel Length ... Drawing From a Holster. Shooting Grip & Stance. Anticipating Recoil. The Basic ...

44 20 2. Shaving horse plan. A shaving horse is an old woodworking tool used to hold a workpiece in a place while it is worked by a cutting tool such as spokeshave or drawknife... 66 58 6. Bowl ČR. Ceramic design bowl with outlines of the Czech flag. Dimensions 380x280x32 mm. Suitable as …

manufactured using aluminized steel with stainless steel components for maximum durability. The requirement for cycle testing of heat exchangers is 10,000 cycles by ANSI Z21.47. This is the standard required by both UL and AGA for cycle test requirements. Hot Surface Ignitor Negative Pressure Gas Valve Forced Combustion Blower

kg 123 155 180 340 672 2100 3200 4400 5400 6700 WGT (BW) lb 205.1 264.6 297.7 621.8 1217.1 4190.0 6174.0 8379.0 10363.5 12789.0 kg 93 120 135 282 552 1900 2800 3800 4700 5800 ClaSS 2500 - CarbON & STaINlESS STEEl GlObE ValVES DIMENSIONS & WEIGHTS VALVE SIZE nps 2 2.5 3 4 6 8 10 12 dn 50 65 80 100 150 200 250 300 A1 (RF)

Vestil ROL Foldable Roller Containers, models ROL-1834-3, ROL-3143-2, & ROL-3143-1 are designed to deliver convenient portability between work stations or for delivery and distribution of products & materials. Units fold flat for quick and easy storage. Folding containers roll easily on 5" x 1¼" casters, two rigid and two swivel with brake.

Sep 29, 2020· The S491 is chrome moly and there are no records of actions made in stainless steel. The S491 has a separate recoil lug and a Tikka trigger assembly. The medium length action was the 591, similar to the L479 and All. The long action was the 691, similar to the L61 or Alll. The separate recoil lug is also found on the Sako 75.

Gas heat (largest) 155 155 155 155 Hail guards 75 80 100 125 Wood skid and shipping brackets 60 70 70 80 Roof curb 215 230 230 250 Table 4: Supply fan VFD weights Supply fan motor 208/230V 460V 575V 2.9 HP 10 10 10 3.7 HP 10 10 10 5.3 HP 10 10 10 7.5 HP 15 15 15 10 HP 20 15 15 12 HP 20 15 15 Note: Add 5 lbs. to the supply fan VFD weights if ...

Advance Tabco DTC-K30-72 Spec Line 6' Stainless Steel Korner Clean L-Shape Dishtable. # 109dtck3072. $2,266.65 /Each. Login for details. Type Left Table Right Table. Advance Tabco DTC-K30-84 Spec Line 7' Stainless Steel Korner Clean L-Shape Dishtable. # 109dtck3084. $2,373.30 /Each.

Traffic Automatic bollards. TiSO traffic automatic bollards are due in part to the wide range of project applications and the simplicity of installation. This particular TiSO product has been designed and engineered to provide maximum operation durability. - blocking segment with an external control box including HPU and PLC.

Jan 17, 2020· 2RK65™ is a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel intended for use under severe corrosive conditions within the process industry. The grade is characterized by: Very good resistance to attacks in acidic environments, e.g. sulfuric, phosphoric and acetic acid. Very good resistance to pitting in neutral chloride-bearing solutions.